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Lisa Crispin

A Day in the Life: Testing on the Tracker Team


The Tracker team as a whole takes responsibility for building in quality and making sure that necessary testing activities are done along with other development tasks. But we testers bring our own special value to the party, and we’re seeking another great tester to help us as we work to deliver the best possible product to our customers. Let’s walk you through a typical day of testing on the Tracker team. Read more...

Poornima Vijayashanker

The Challenges Immigrant Tech Entrepreneurs Face

Welcome to a brand-new season of FemgineerTV! We’ve got some great guests lined up for you this season, and we’ll be tackling some tough topics related to startups, design, engineering, product development, and leadership. To kick the season off, we’re going to be tackling one of the toughest topics that not a lot of people talk about: The Challenges Immigrant Tech Entrepreneurs Face. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

Case Study: Humana


Humana knows a thing or two about transformation. From its inception in 1961 as a nursing home company, through its period owning and running hospitals in the seventies and early eighties, the company founded by David Jones and Wendell Cherry has made a habit of reinventing itself. Now they are in the midst of yet another reinvention—as a healthcare provider with a laser focus on their customers’ well-being. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Tracker Analytics—Now in Public Beta!


Tracker has always focused on facilitating collaboration and transparency at the story level, but it hasn’t always been easy to see the big picture or interesting/worrying trends in your projects. In other words, there are plentiful trees, but no forest. With our new Analytics beta, we’re ready to introduce the forest to the trees. This effort has largely been driven by your feedback, and our continuous desire to improve the Tracker experience for our customers, and it’s now ready for a test drive. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Performance Improvements, New Features, and a Peek at the Road Ahead


If you’re among the folks who have been wondering whether we’ve been trapped under a rock or lost the source code to Tracker, fear not! We are alive and well, and our coding fingers are in fine shape. Many of our efforts over the last few months have been focused on making Tracker rock-solid stable and secure, as well as iterating on brand-new features to improve the overall experience. But it’s one thing for us to say “We’ve been busy!” and hope you take our word for it; we thought it would be more useful to outline what we’ve been working on. Read more...